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Christmas Carols

Traditional, beloved Christmas carols... we love hearing them, singing them, and playing them at this time of the year. We hear them arranged in a variety of styles-- at the grocery store; as we shop for gifts at the mall; and when we attend the many Christmas recitals and concerts available during December.  We sing them at church, in our homes, and in the car along with the radio.  We play them on the piano, on our violins, flutes and other musical instruments in solos and ensembles, orchestras and bands. Christmas carols are pretty much exclusive to the month of December, but we all become familiar to their strains as if we were hearing them all year 'round. They have become a wonderful tradition because of our love for them and the message they bring at this time of the year, the message of peace on Earth, goodwill to men.  Merry Christmas from the staff at!

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