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Summer Promotional

Summer is a time for all sorts of activities...swimming, camping, ball games, reading, etc.  Of course, we all hope that our students know how important piano lessons are too during the summer.  At, we can't help you much with the swimming, camping, and ball games, but we can help with some great reading and some fun items to include in your piano lessons. 

Here's what we're offering:

1) Buy the e-book, "Band Camp on the Eleventh Planet" from Barnes and Noble  or Amazon.

2) Email Tell me you have bought the e-book and ask for your promo code.

3) Within 24 hours or less, you will receive your promo code to use all summer long at to download anything on our store-- for free!

We want all of our teachers to know how easy it is to use our store.  We have hundreds of items for you to download and print for your studio... music, lead sheets, composer packets, technic and theory sheets and packets, recital blanks, etc.  Have fun browsing through our site and using our materials all summer long in your studios.  We want to make summer fun for you and your students!

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