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The Power of a Hymn

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In a quiet room in the ICU, my husband sat with his mother as she was struggling to breathe. She couldn't talk and her mourning son didn't know how to comfort his mother when things looked so bleak. As I watched through the doorway, my heart ached for them both. Words and hand-holding didn't seem to be enough to give them the peace they desired.

In his great despair, my husband hung his head down low. Then suddenly, with a deep sigh, he began to sing... "Oh Lord, my God. When I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds thy hands have made...... " As he began to sing, his mother opened her tired eyes and gently smiled at her grown son as he continued.... "Then sings my soul! My Savior, God to Thee!.... How Great Thou Art."  His voice became stronger with each passing phrase. He didn't worry that the nurses might overhear his private moment of worship. He didn't focus on perfecting every note and word. He just concentrated on the peace he felt as he shared his faith with his beloved mother. 

As my husband continued to the verse, "When Christ shall come, with shout of acclamation, and take me home... what joy shall fill my heart..." his voice cracked and his spirit sank. The thought of losing his mom was more than he could bear. But as he looked in his mother's eyes, he could feel her sing with words he could not hear, and the room soon filled with light that eyes could not see, and he found the strength to continue. "Then I shall bow in humble adoration. And there proclaim, 'My God, How Great Thou Art'."

On this sad day in the ICU, a grieving mother and her son were nurtured by the power of a hymn.

Are powerful hymns a part of your life more than just Sunday worship services? Do you sing hymns to your newborn baby? While you wash the dishes or drive to work? Do you hum your favorite hymn when you are under stress? Or when temptation rears it's ugly head? Which hymns do you sing around the piano with your family?

Hymns may not win a young pianist a scholarship or performance award. But as your child learns to work their fingers from one chord to another, they will not only learn about chord progression, intervals, and harmony, they will enrich their hearts to the true purpose of music..... to learn of God and worship Him!

Modern technology has made it easy to download sheet music for almost any song our heart desires....right from our own home! This allows the flexibility to find the song that matches the abilities of any pianist.... beginner to advanced.

    Piano Morning would like to offer your family two arrangements of one of our favorite hymns, "How Great Thou Art" for free. The first one is a simplified arrangement that is easily accessible for pianists on a level 2. It clearly marks out all hand positions and fingerings for easier reading on this level. The second arrangement is perfect for the late-intermediate pianist and will be a lovely addition to any church or home and family worship.

We hope this powerful hymn... and many more... will be your close companions as you and your family seek to find faith and hope in this life and the life to come.

-You can find your free sheet music downloads at:

Listen to the arrangements here:


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