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About us

A Basic, Human Need:

It may seem like homemade-music is an old-fashioned idea. With a smart phone in every pocket, the most professionally produced music is at our fingertips. There seems to be no need to make our own music anymore. Could it be that we are missing out on a very basic, human need?

We have all seen the studies that show that those who make their own music enjoy increased mental capabilities. We also feel the positive physical and emotional effects that occur every time we play our favorite song. So why are we so hesitant to fill our lives with our own music?

It's time for a cultural revolution! Let's bring back the home recitals, evenings of sitting at the piano, and the amateur composer!  The staff at PianoMorning wants to be part this revolution!

We seek to.....   TEACH - CREATE - LIVE

TEACH-   Create beautiful music for all skill levels to enjoy as they learn.
CREATE-   Provide resources to help others learn to compose their own music.
LIVE-    Encourage individuals and families to live a music-enriched life.

We invite you to join us in this revolution!


Ann Buys, NCTM - Editor, Composer -